DLJ Enterprises, Inc.

  DLJ Enterprises, Inc., built and based in the Tampa Bay area, and founded by native Floridians, is dedicated to local social economic growth.  Utilizing affiliated business networks that we have built over the years.  Let us help you build your dream home or office.

Since 1980, we have been servicing the State of Florida working for many contractors.  We opened this company because we wanted to be be different.  We did not like the treatment of their customers and felt they deserved better all around. We know how the construction industry has changed and grown over the years. We are dedicated to helping you with all aspects of your project.

If you are interested in building or renovating, but are unsure of how to do it, give us a call and we will handle the rest. If you are in need of a consultant to assist you in the design and construction phases of your development, we are ready to provide the assistance needed to protect your vision.
If you are buying a new home or commercial property, we can inspect the property and let you know what obstacles you may be facing.

Menorah Manor's 'Inn on the Pond' is a 90,000 square foot 85 bed Assisted Living Residence located in Clearwater, Florida.  DLJ Enterprises, Inc. worked as the owner's construction consultant/agent in overseeing all aspects of the project, from design conception through punch out.
DLJ Enterprises, Inc. worked as the owner's consultant construction progress for the Ibis Walk Retail Development, in
 St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • State of Florida Certified General Contractor CGC1512013
  • State of Florida Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector
  • Bachelors in Building Construction University of Florida
  • Masters in Business Administration University of South Florida
  • Over 30 years Construction Industry Experience
  • Home Inspection HI6051 10 years Experience
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Price list Effective Jan 1 2015

Commercial Property inspections
$500 and up depending upon size of building and scope required

Owner’s Representation Services and Consulting
$150 per hour

Bank Draw Certifications
$150 and up for residential
$300 and up for commercial

Building price range for our services

Residential homes built on your property
  • $80 sq ft to $300 sq ft
Commercial buildings built on your property
  • $100 sq ft to $1000 sq ft or higher depends on the scope of work and Classification of the building
Wind mitigation inspections are good for 5 years and can save you $100’s on your homeowner’s insurance based upon how your home is constructed.
We look at the following:

  • Shape of roof
  • Roof covering
  • Look at how the roof trusses are attached to the walls
  • Look at how the roof decking is attached to the trusses
  • Opening Protection – we will see if the windows and doors are impact resistant or if there is protection available for all openings

Let DLJ Enterprises, Inc.
Take the worry out of your building and home needs.
Why hire us for your job, because you will get exactly what you want. 
Most people don't realize that we have access to many different vendors giving you the largest range possible to choose from. We put together the proper subcontractors for your project. Unlike other who are restricted by what is in their show room; for them to come down to your pricing they will have cut quality of materials. 

You think you can do it yourself, but you will cut quality and craftsmanship out. Not to mention the stress of running the job.

Most people don't realize that for us to provide the high caliber of work,for the cost we do, we adhere to a strict policy. We use professionals that are skilled and certified. Others may break down the job so you can do some labor, this is in direct conflict with insurance, and would in the end drive prices up and delay the project. 

We are a worry free builder, in order for us to be efficient we must be in charge of every aspect of the project. Quality at the right price within the shortest amount of time, is what DLJ Enterprises, Inc stands for.